Welcome! I’m excited you’re giving yourself this gift to explore a creative path and write your personal story!

Write From Your Soul Academy:
Bring Your Memories to Life on the Page
In this workshop—

You will go from feeling hesitant about the importance of your story, unsure about your storytelling skills, and afraid of what your family and friends might say, to feeling confident, excited, and ready to write your amazing story.

By the end of this workshop, you will have…

A confident mindset that your story matters, and a belief that it’s time for you to share it with others.

A plan for carving out time and space to write, and an established ritual for when, where, and how you will mine your memories.

Gained insight into your theme and storytelling voice, learned techniques to record your personal history, explore transformational experiences, and sort through your emotional tote bags to discover the story you really want to tell.

An understanding of story structure, story format, and how to organize your memories.

Your theme, your title, and a written collection of stories.

Become inspired to continue your story journey.

This workshop is perfect for—

Beginning writers who need the direction and encouragement to mine and organize their memories, discover their voice, and write their personal story. This course can be used to write a story legacy of personal/family history, or as the first step toward publishing.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.