Hi, I’m Annette.

Author. Storytelling Coach.
Chief Experiences Enthusiast. Neurodivergent Squirrel Wrestler.

I’m also a self-education geek, healthy-lifestyle devotee, authentic-life activist, simple-living advocate, dance-walking weirdo, fluent in American truck-driver @$#%!, and there’s no filter between what I think and what I say.

My point: we are all made up of equal parts wonder and wackiness, and that is the heart of storytelling—sharing who we are and connecting with others through story.

Annette Fix holding a copy of her book The Break-Up Diet: A Memoir in Barnes & Noble
The Break-Up Diet: A Memoir

From Idea to Published Book

It’s an amazing feeling when you can bring your personal story to life on the page, and have the opportunity to connect with readers who resonate with your experiences. Read more about my publishing journey, storytelling philosophy, and why you shouldn’t let another day pass without pursuing your writing dreams.

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou
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